Thursday, May 27, 2021

glog class DRIP WITCH (flip templates)

 flip templates by mergo-kan here.

so cool! lets make one, mostly as an excuse to tinker mechanically.

continuing the theme of lo-fi jet-set city neon 90's that was set by mergo-kan's punk monk and CyberChronometer's lo-fi paladin

got some help naming things from Gorinich! specifically, drip witch untouchable//unbreakable, and presence//proximity

inspired by all those various fashion subcultures. mechanically an anti-mage-ish? i dunno, i slammed this out over 2-3 hours, and there's definitely some jank in how the templates work.

the day night thing was supposed to be like, wearing this kinda stuff in the day is different from wearing it at night. the day is where the dominant culture lives, the night is where the subculture lives. the day is about resisting, the night is about affecting. but i'm not sure how well that came across.

Decora - source

Blade, 21, works at a bakery for supermarket chain Woolworths. He started listening to metal in 2012 after being inspired by videos on MTV.

 metalhead - source



Yes, you get looks in the street. Good! Look at me, look at me, look at me--you force them to acknowledge your existence, every stitch screaming 'i am here, and there is nothing you can do about it.'

Starting Gear: Flashy subculture outfit, inscrutable hairstyle, a flip phone with a truly staggering number of charms

You start with the Clothes skill.

While you have more DAY templates: Double the effects of all DAY templates.

While you have more NIGHT templates: Double the effects of all NIGHT templates.

If you have an equal number of both, you get nothing. Live in the extremes or don't live at all.

Using a template flips it.

when you are in danger of imminent harm or attracting unwanted attention, you can overwhelm with a burst of visual information. everyone who can see you must look away for a couple of seconds (a round).

when you need to draw attention, or save someone from imminent harm, you can implode your presence. everyone who could see you must look at you for a couple of seconds (a round).

your fit is a symbol, a ward against that which would influence you. You are immune to mind altering effects in general and magical effects that only target you (not including damage). When you ignore such an effect, flip this template.

your fit is your armor, your shield against forces that seek to hurt you. When hit by a damaging spell, reduce the damage by Xd4, where X is the number of NIGHT templates you have. Then flip this template.

your fashion is alienating--you can use that to your advantage. When someone is approaching you with hostile intent, you can become unapproachable for a number of rounds equal to the number of DAY templates you have. No one can move closer to you during that time (you can move closer to others freely).

the community you have tied yourself to is tight-knit and always ready to lend a hand. any time, anywhere, you can have a friend show up. they're similarly dressed, won't fight, have nothing but the clothes on their back, and leave after they do what you tell them. They've got a life of their own after all.

you gain two spells and 1 MD. When you take this template and whenever you regain this MD, decide whether this template counts as DAY or NIGHT, changing which spell you can cast.

DAYBEAM: focus. hone yourself to a laser point. deal X*[sum] damage to a single target, where X is the number of DAY templates you have.

NIGHTWAVE: feel the pulsing, the pounding, the unmistakeable rhythm of the city. throw up to [sum] targets X*10' away from you, where X is the number of NIGHT templates you have.

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